Website UI & UX Design

Your first impression should spark a positive reaction.

We have got multiple graphic designers on call with design styles ranging from cartoonish and fun to clean-cut and professional. We'll find the best one based on your preferences, and do all the back and forth to ensure you get exactly what you're looking for. When your website design is complete, we are available to convert it into valid html and css, the right way! We never use image-maps (large images with a link programmed over the top), large blocks of images with text in them, or write ugly code. We pledge to convert everything to be as easily customized, and search engine friendly as possible.

Website Programming & Development

A strong backbone is key to a successful website.

We specialize in building everything from small, static, informational websites to huge, dynamic, user driven platforms. We are experienced in all modern coding techniques and languages (HTML5, CSS3, jQuery), and we work very comfortably with the FREE, and open source LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, Mysql, and PHP). Experienced LAMP developers are much more common than Ruby, ASP, .NET, etc, so if for any reason you'd like to use another programmer in the future, the transition is easy (although we cant vouch for their abilities, and using them will void our 30 day code guarantee). We guarantee our code will be error free. If you find an issue within 30 days, let us know and we'll fix it free. Custom websites also come with 6 months of free hosting, free Google AdWords credit, free versCapture credit, and more!

Mobile Website & Web-App Development

Phone and tablet viewers are now the majority.

Mobile viewers have quickly become the majority, so having a responsive website is more important than ever. We specialize in building desktop and mobile friendly interfaces that are pleasurable to use on any screen size. A responsive site means only a single set of code needs to be written & maintained, yet multiple layouts can be generated to best fit the screen of the device it's being viewed on. Although we generally recommend responsive sites due to the cost efficient nature, and flexible experience, if you prefer something that is made to load as quick as possible on cell phones and tablets, we can develop a second version of your website with smaller images, a more customizable layout, and less "fat". If you're not sure which one is best for you, just let us know your situation and we can make a recommendation.

File Caching & Website Speed Optimization

Speed affects more than you might think.

A slow website can be really annoying, but what's worse is it can actually affect your conversion rate and search engine ranking! Fortunately, we understand the inner workings of the communication between a server (website) and your browser. We'll combine your external files, make sure your content is being gzipped (compressed), optimize images so they're the perfect size, and setup a cookie-less domain for static files to be served from. All these changes combined can improve your website's load time drastically! Wanna see how fast your site is? Try our favorite tool over at Pingdom

Online Marketing / Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Getting a website is only the first step.

Being first on a Google search result can be near impossible if your competition has a head-start on you, so if a company offers you the number one position on Google within a time frame, or for a specific price...Don't hire them! Remember the old saying "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is". So, we won't promise top rankings, but we will promise the best rankings possible. The best way to appease the Google Gods is to ensure your website is fast, error free, contains strong content with specially picked keywords, and has all the accessibility features like image alt tags (these display if the image doesn't exist). Another thing to remember is views, back-links (links to your website from others), social media followers/fans/likes/shares/tweets can HURT you if they aren't being produced naturally by real people. There are companies offering 100,000+ hits per month at a cost, but these hits come from all over the world, and from blacklisted IPs. YOU DO NOT WANT THIS TRAFFIC. Google judges you based on your traffic and content. If you are a local company, you want local visitors, and local addresses listed somewhere on your site. Patience is a virtue and important if you want to build a successful online company.


Got a project in mind? Talk to us. Our professional team will guide, advice and show you the step by step process until you see your project come alive!

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