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Muca Cosmetics has over 20 years operating in the Albanian market with cosmetics products. Exclusive distributor of top brands and products with highest quality.

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Maria Bonita is the best strip-club in the country which offers pleasant night with dancers from all over the Balkans and a high privacy.

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Edison Energy offers the most prestigious categories of construction and transport machineries, making the company Energy Edison, the most important company in Albania

Edison Energy
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Toena publications are the market leader in terms of publishing books of different genres. Toena in its history has published over 2,000 different titles, icluding translations of the world's largest work.

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Department Trajtim Studenti No.2 is a state institution which aims to create the best possible conditions for student dormitories in areas where they stay during their studies.

Department Trajtim Studenti No.2
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Polyclinic Doctors' Hospital is a subsidiary of the famous Greek hospital with the same name in the center of Athina.It is found in the heart of Tirana and offers services and specialized treatments with the latest technological devices in the medical field.

Doctor's Hospital
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Top-Lines offers service of transport between Albania and Greece with the most modern bus fleet and also brings the best tourist packages on the market for you to explore the world on your way.

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Just 500 meters from the city center, with unique rooms including the mos comfortable beds , Brilant Antik Hotel in awhile has earned the reputation of "home away from home".

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Nova Dental Albania trades higher quality materials and equipment in the market for dental clinics and laboratories offering the most competitive prices

Nova Dental Albania
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Hotel Deluxe Tirana (www.hoteldeluxe.al) Hotel Deluxe is a first class luxury hotel located in Astiri Street in Tirana. The hotel offers different types of fun activities with 5 star service and even Jacuzzi and Sauna inside your room

Hotel Deluxe Albania
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Arli Pharma it’s a powerful medical company that operates in the area of importing, trading and distribution of medical products (domestic market) & importing & exporting (international markets)

Arli Pharma
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Bimbi Vip it’s a Italian clothing shop for babies. The shop its totally focused in providing the best clothing for your baby. They offer customized design and also a variety of materials to best fit your baby skin.

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Brilant Travel it’s a traveling agency that offers different traveling packets for its costumers. The packets vary from family vacations to crazy parties for young people. They cover a large number of cities in Europe and offer great service.

Brilant Travel
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Cinco Beach Bar it’s the main service inside the Cinco Zone located in Durres City Albania. They organize crazy spring parties for young people. Famous singers and DJ come to Cinco Beach Bar to perform and entertain the costumers.

Cinco Beach Bar
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Cinco Restaurant its part of the Cinco Zone located in Durres City Albania. They are mostly specialized in cooking delicious sea food. The restaurant its 50 meters from the beach, offers a great view and delicious good looking plates.

Cinco Restorant
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Cinco Water Sport its also part of the Cinco Zone located in Durres City Albania. Water Sport includes different fun activities with jet skies, parasailing, flyfish, water jet pack etc They are open for families as well as young adventuerous people.

Cinco Water Sport
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Denis MDK offers the best curtains for your home, hotel, resort etc. They have medium as well as high class materials that suits whatever you need. They are specialized in offering you great service even for a low price

Denis Mdk
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Dr.Ioannis Koutoukos, a greek gynecologist with great reputation among his clients. Graduated in Greece and specialized in Great Britain for Obstetrics and Gynecology he has worked all over the world from Norway to Buenos Aires

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ErviDecor, maybe the best interior designers in Albania, they are specialized in bringing you a five star décor for you house, hotel, resort, business etc They work only with A-Class materials and we can say they do magic with interior design.

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Gas group its part of Kastrati Group. They are the exclusive distributor of RAGASCO which are world leaders in combustible gas import/export. They offer 100% tested products that don’t catch on fire and don’t explode.

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A security company that offers bodyguards and VIP protection for big events. They work mostly with the Saudi Arabia and make sure that important people are free from risks even in highly populated events.

International VIP Security
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Official Partners with Kastrati Group, Koka Gas trades flammable gas for families and also big companies. They deal with the installment of all the flammable gas infrastructure and also supply you with gas.

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Dr. Konstandina H. Stoforu, a neurochirurge from Greece which is specialized in Brain Surgery and Spinal Surgery. She uses the latest robotic medical devices and has saved hundreds of life’s during her career

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PC Store Albania, also our partner, it’s the second largest computer company in Albania and one from the biggest computer companies in Balkan region. They offer great hardware and devices for small and huge businesses.

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Dr Georgios Petsinis, one of the best doctors we know. He is from Patra, Greece and its known for performing with success many orthopedic surgeries and healing patients that had no hope before consulting with Dr.Petsinis.

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Dr.Stratis Gabriel it’s a famous cosmetic surgeon from Greece. He has worked with numerous famous people and his surgical touch its guarantied to make you look better without people even noticing you had a surgery.

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Shopping TV it’s a company that deals with the distribution and selling of different everyday products and accessories. From kitchen containers to cosmetics & car accessories at Shopping TV you can find all you need for the lowest price.

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Shpresa AL Security its part of Shpresa AL Group. They are the best company inside and even outside Albania for offering high tech security systems and devices. They work close with embassies, VIP clients, Banks etc

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Shqiponja strip club is known as one of the best strip clubs in Albania. They offer 3 different locations to be closer to you. At this strip club you will find comfort and spend a unforgettable night with their girls

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Smart Mobile it’s a small mobile shop located in Tirane, Albania. They sell brand new and used mobile devices. At Smart Mobile you can buy you favorite cellphone even if you are on a budget.

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PDIU Is the only national Albanian party, which in the focus of its program has the national issue

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Dr Sotiris Gavriil it’s a greek doctor which for more than 20 years has healed thousands of patients using his latest methods in obesity surgery, Herniation surgery and Solvent System treatments.

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Established in 1993, UAW it’s a non-political, non-religious, nonprofit organization fighting for the protection of women’s and children’s rights. They have helped thousands of endangered and forgotten families who today live a happy life thanks to this organization.



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